Responsible waste disposal

Responsible waste disposal: What happens to the soil, rubble, and waste that I dig out?

Something you need to be conscious of when hiring a contractor to do work in your garden is what happens to the soil, rubble, and waste that comes out of your garden… it’s your legal responsibility to make sure that the contractor you choose will dispose of the waste responsibly (i.e. they don’t fly tip it!).

With me, the answer depends on what it is that we’re digging out, but it’s always a responsible and legal method; rubble/concrete can often be recycled at a local recycling plant, or you can hire a skip or grab lorry to take the soil/waste away and dispose of it. Alternatively, if it’s just soil being dug out you can quite often lose it around other parts of your garden or bag it up and sell it on Facebook marketplace!

I’m happy to recommend the best option and provide recommendations for skip and grab lorry hire.

Check out the videos below to see responsible waste disposal in action!


Loading a skip with my mini garden digger

A customer-shot video showing me quickly loading a skip with soil using my mini garden digger.

For this job I had dug out many tonnes of soil for a new driveway, and the most efficient way of doing it was to dig out the soil with a medium-sized toothed bucket and pile it up as I went, and then quickly load all the soil into the skip using a much bigger bucket. This also saved the customer the cost of a labourer to run the wheelbarrows to and from the skip!


Grab lorry removal of a huge pile of earth and rubble

This video shows a grab lorry taking away a massive pile of earth and rubble dug out using a mini garden digger.

Dug out, piled up, taken away, and swept up – all achieved in one day!

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