My son and I recently completed a big 2-day mini garden digger project right in the heart of Cambridge, including digging out for a big shed base, a deep trench for an air source heater, a pond, and a sunken trampoline.

All this work would have taken a couple of weeks if done by hand – but took just two days with my mini garden digger!

The sunken trampoline

The customer asked us to sink a 12-foot trampoline into the ground to make it much safer for her grandkids to use. We followed the instructions to the T, creating a platform around the edge for the trampoline to sit on, and then dishing the ground down to the right level.

We topped it off by laying a geotextile membrane to allow rainwater to drain but to prevent weeds from growing underneath. 

The shed/summerhouse base

Deep trench for an air source heat pump pipe

We carefully removed the existing turf in sections and put it to one side, and piled up the soil alongside the trench so it can easily be backfilled when the air source heat pump installers have laid the pipe. The turf sections can then be placed back on top – and you’d never know a trench had been dug!

Digging out a multi-level pond (to the design set by a garden designer)

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