Mini garden digger videos: see it in action!


The mini garden digger in action

A cool showcase video of the mini garden digger in action, using the riddle bucket to dig up shrubs and roots while filtering out the soil.


Digging trenches with the mini garden digger

This video shows me digging a deep but narrow trench for a customer who needed to bury some cables at the legally required depth.

  • Before I started digging I carefully removed the turf in sections so that it can be laid back in place once finished.
  • The mini garden digger is sitting on a wooden board to protect the lawn
  • Once the cables were laid, the trench was backfilled with the soil, the lawn was brushed off, and the turf over the trench re-laid – you’d never know a trench had been dug!

Loading a skip with my mini garden digger

A customer-shot video showing me quickly loading a skip with soil using my mini garden digger.

For this job I had dug out many tonnes of soil for a new driveway, and the most efficient way of doing it was to dig out the soil with a medium-sized toothed bucket and pile it up as I went, and then quickly load all the soil into the skip using a much bigger bucket. This also saved the customer the cost of a labourer to run the wheelbarrows to and from the skip!


Digging out a tree stump with my mini garden digger

This customer had a bunch of small tree stumps right next to a fence with concrete gravel boards – so I had to be extra careful not to crack them!

Easily achieved using the skinny toothed bucket and some extra care, digging around the stump and chopping through the roots before levering it out.

These stumps are very small, but the mini garden digger is capable of pulling out stumps MUCH bigger than this. Just check out my portfolio for examples!


Grab lorry removal of a huge pile of earth and rubble

This video shows a grab lorry taking away a massive pile of earth and rubble dug out using a mini garden digger.

Dug out, piled up, taken away, and swept up – all achieved in one day!

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